TrueCoat Gallon Kit (One half gallon per side)


TrueCoat cures from the bottom up, resulting in a remarkably clear gloss. It cures fast, has flex, and won’t crack or peel as easily as other, more brittle epoxies. Additional sizes available by special request.

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All other epoxies out there are to cure from the top down. That way people that have little experience using epoxy could start using their bar or table top or boat without the epoxy being 100% cured on the lower layers. By curing from the top down – it makes the epoxy easy for anyone to use and the stores selling it don’t have to worry about people complaining about their bar tops.

The problem with it curing from top down, is that it forms a “ceiling ” the minute it gets mixed . This “ceiling” traps bubbles under it .

TrueCoat is formulated to cure from the bottom up. That means that bubbles are less likely to get entrapped. It actually pushes the bubbles out. So it is really clear! If you put it on in a thin coat, you can walk away. It has very little smell at all.

The formula is thicker than most two part bar top epoxies. One coat is equal to at least two coats of regular bar top epoxy.

It cures fast – in warm temps it will dry hard in 8 hours. It is a 80 durometer, so it has flex to it . That means it won’t crack or peel as easily as other, more brittle epoxies. It also is glossier than any epoxy I’ve ever used .